Should I Be Thinking About a Power of Attorney During These Scary Times?

Does peace of mind mean anything to you? I am talking about both your health and your wealth. Who will make decisions for you if you become incapacitated? What if you are suddenly unable to make clear and reasonable decisions? What if you cannot articulate your wishes to a medical provider? These are turbulent times, but do not make plans only when forced to do so. Instead, be proactive.

If you lose capacity, no one has decision-making authority to third parties unless authorized to do so. This includes your spouse, child, or parent. However, with a Power of Attorney, your designated agent can make decisions for you related to your finances, medical directions, or anything permitted by you under the legal document.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, everyone should consider the need to prepare a Power of Attorney. This will enable loved ones to make decisions about your health care and financial decisions, as well as sign documents should the need arise in the future, if you are unable to do so.

As your legal counsel, I will handle your Power of Attorney personally. There is no team involved, just me, meaning I will give you the personal attention this matter requires at all times. Contact me today for a free consultation!