The Importance of Estate Planning

For over 35 years, I have been a solo attorney representing clients in a number of different estate planning matters, including:

Wills, Trusts & Probate

Your Last Will & Testament allows you to communicate your final wishes and it is the lynchpin of your estate planning. Without a Will, Maryland law steps in and directs the distribution of your estate. Who wants that? I help clients to draft clear and valid documents that specify how their assets are to be distributed upon their death. Wills can also specify guardianships and conservatorships to provide for the care of minor children and vulnerable adults.

I also help clients to establish trusts, which offer different options and the benefit of bypassing probate. And for clients who are appointed as a Personal Representative and charged with administering an estate, I guide them through the probate process to ensure the deceased’s wishes are followed. You have no idea how difficult and complicated estate administration can be, and that is why I am here to help guide you through the process every step of the way.

Advance Directives & Powers of Attorney

An advance directive specifies your wishes for life-sustaining treatment, such as resuscitation or other measures, in the event you cannot do so. A power of attorney transfers authority to a person you’ve designated to handle legal issues relating to your finances and healthcare in the event of an emergency. I can assist with drafting both kinds of documents so you can have peace of mind.

Elder Law

I represent seniors and their families in a wide range of elder law issues, including help with Medicare and Medicaid benefits and long-term care planning. Don’t be one of those people who come to me too late. Unless you plan properly, you may be very disappointed when you learn could have saved money with proper planning. Contact me and I can help save your family’s hard earned money.

Avoid Guardianship

A financial power of attorney and a general durable power of attorney are essential in estate planning. These instruments place you in the shoes of your loved one who may be infirm and unable to make proper decisions. Why spend thousands on guardianships when a power of attorney is a fraction of the cost?

For any of these issues, please contact me today for a free consultation!